Addition Day 1
Practice 1: What is Addition Really?
Activity 1: Addition Cards
Addition Card Deck
Activity 2: Addition Card Game with Recording
Optional Reading: Know as Much as Your Math Teacher
Activity 3:  The “Preferred Way” to Show Numbers
Ten Frames Sheet and Practice
Activity 4: Card Deck to Help Students Visualize Numbers in a Preferred Way
Activity 5: How Do You Know?
Addition with Ten Frames
The Japanese Way to Add
Practice 2: Adding with Color
Activity 6: Modeling with Pennies
Activity 7: Adding the Japanese Way
Practice 3: Ten Frame Practice
Practice 4: More Ten Frame Practice
Practice 5: Circle Pairs
Practice 6: Equals 10
Practice 7: Grouping
Practice 8: Additional Practice
Activity 8: Modeling the Addition Algorithm
Activity 9: Modeling the Addition Algorithm with Popsicle Sticks
Practice 9: More Addition
Practice 10: Enrichment
Help for Helpers

The Operations Series

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Learning objectives

There are two parts to being able to add reliably.  One is mastering addition facts (such as 4 + 3 = 7) and the second is combining addition facts with place value (such as 18 + 14 = 32).  It is also helpful to be able to estimate an answer to make sure their computation is correct.  We will work on all three of these.