Number Sense Series:
Fractions 1

Why does

why does

Welcome to fractions. This is where fractions will make sense to you and become easy. It is amazing how easy fractions can be. I am so happy you are giving yourself this gift of truly understanding fractions.

These lessons will look different from what you have done before. I guarantee you that they work. Your part is to trust me that the fraction pieces are necessary—no short cuts. And just watch yourself be fantastically successful in no time.


Table of Contents

Welcome to Fractions 1
What is a fraction?
Activity 1: What is a fraction really?
Fraction Pieces
Practice 1: Explaining One Fourth
Activity 2: Explaining One Fourth again
Practice 2: Thirds
Practice 3: Can You Name Me Now?
Practice 4: What is “1”?
Practice 5: Quick Summary
3.    Naming the Parts of a Fraction
Practice 6: Denominator Practice
The Meaning of Fraction Symbols
Practice 7: Getting More Familiar with Numerators and Denominators
4.    Size of Fractions
Practice 8: Mixed Numbers and “Improper” Fractions
Practice 9: More Mixed Numbers and “Improper” Fractions
Practice 10: Practice with Fractions Greater and Less Than One
Practice 11: Comparing to .
Practice 12: Using  as a Benchmark
Practice 13: Which Is Larger?
Practice 14: Who Is Right?
Activity 3: Order, Please
Fraction Order Set
5.    Equivalent Fractions
Practice 15: Equivalent Fractions: Pizza
Equivalent Fractions: Using Algebra
Practice 16: Two Looks at Equivalent Fractions
Practice 17: More Work with Equivalent Fractions
Practice 18: Using Pictures to Find Equivalent Fractions – The Area Model
Activity 4: Finding Equivalent Fractions with Your Fraction Pieces
Practice 19:  More Equivalent Fraction Practice
Activity 5: Equivalent Fraction Dominoes
6.     Multiplying Fractions
Activity 6: Multiply Fractions: Tear Paper
Practice 20 Using Pictures and Algebra to Multiply Fractions
Practice 21: Multiplication Using the Algorithm
Practice 22: More Practice Multiplying Fractions
Practice 23: And Even More Practice Multiplying Fractions
7.    Optional Activities
Recipe 1: German Apple Pancakes
Recipe 2: Cherry Clafouti
8.     Solutions/Answers
9.     Help for Helpers

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