Your child can easily retire with $1 million dollars by understanding percents.  As a parent or guardian, you can set your child on the way to financial security in two hours.   The difference between retiring with one million dollars and zero dollars can be as simple as understanding interest rates, which are percentages.

The schools are barely teaching percentages .  Somehow percents were left out of the Common Core Standards, and therefore textbooks.  Even though your life as a parent is busy, in less than one short hour you can teach your child enough about percents to understand how to manage their money.

My downloadable booklet explains what a percent is in the best way possible!  From there, your child will understand what an interest rate is.  I use the example of buying a car to make it all real.

One hour or less is all that it will take for your child (and maybe you!) to learn enough about the basics of percents to begin a lifetime of simple money management.

Won’t you feel happy knowing your child will retire with a million bucks?

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