“Math has as its foundation twenty core concepts.

Master those and the rest is easy.”

Bernice German, author of The Math Whisperer approach to mathematics.

We Love our Students and Math!

34739122_sIn that order! Math Whisperer is based upon a best of breed approach to mathematics aid that helps students love and do math. Our approach works because it is based upon twenty years of research and development in mathematics instruction performed by real teachers.  Math Whisperer has helped students throughout the country achieve measurable growth as much as three grade equivalents during a six month program. No other program of which we are aware can boast of those kinds of gains.

Math Whisperer really does make math easy:

Bernice German, author of the Math Whisperer approach, spent the last twenty years proving that twenty Critical Building Blocks make up a student’s mathematical foundation. When students have them, math is easy. When they do not, math is hard. Math Whisperer works by identifying each missing gap and then supporting teachers in filling it quickly and efficiently. Click here to see Bernice’s story.



 …is this: it is easy to see the effect of missing concepts, but almost impossible to sense which concepts are missing.