I am writing this on the 4th of July, the official birthday of the United States. This country was founded on ideals such as: “… the inalienable rights of ….’

Math understanding is a necessary tool in order to achieve these inalienable rights. The years our children spend in school are preparation for their adult lives. With today’s children having the possibility of living to age 100 and beyond, even if they focus the first 25 years of their lives in school, that leaves 75 years of adulthood beyond school.

Of course we want our kids to live well their entire lives. What they learn in school is a large part of their preparation for adulthood.

The capability of earning a good living is an important piece of the entire puzzle of how to live well for 75 years.   And both common sense and data from the U.S. Department of Labor show that the more math a person knows, the more money they are likely to earn.

Math is critical in understanding savings, investment opportunities and pitfalls. Math is critical in understanding interest rates, which affects credit cards, car loans, house loans.

Today’s children will truly need to plan for a retirement. The planning involved is a math problem of Algebra II level.

We need to fix the math education system in this country for the sake of our children. In the meantime, parents can take a positive role by using my effective and efficient lessons to get your students on track for a successful adult life.