For Resources for Teachers:


Welcome, Teacher.  You may be in a new position as a teacher having to create video lessons for your students.  Or you may be looking for new ways to reach your students.  These free videos and workbooks will help you reach your goals.

The videos and workbooks cover some of the major topics in math that middle and high school students need to know to be successful.  Some of these topics go back to earlier grades.  If your students missed some of them, they will need to catch up.  It won’t take long with my lessons.

And, I am available to help you for free.  My goal is the same as yours, to help students get on the path to success in math.  You can email me here and we can set up a zoom meeting.

These lessons are about understanding.  When your student understands, your student remembers. These lessons are about building a solid foundation.  A student with a solid foundation can learn at grade level and beyond.

Our lessons are supplemental curriculum.  They are like vitamins that go along with meals. Read our research report that shows how highly effective these lessons are. (link to research report)

A common question is:  What grade level are these lessons?  The answer is:  They are for any students in grades 6 and above who don’t know the grade level material.  For example, Algebra requires adding .   It doesn’t matter what grade level your student is if he or she cannot add fractions correctly.  The good news is that when he or she can add them correctly, Algebra is accessible.

Below are some free videos

Who is the Math Whisperer?